Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walk-in closets: No more living out of laundry baskets!

A few weeks back I shared with you a thrift store find that I think will go in my closet. Keeping it gold was surprisingly the winner...I still haven't decided. So gold it will stay for now.

Three months after moving in... I finally have a closet. It was not really our top priority for the list of things to be finished in the house before we close on it...we were both living out of laundry baskets and suitcases until recently. Annoying.

Today I will share with you photos of our DIY closets. We thought about going with the pretty premade stuff from the hardware store...but when we added up the cost of what we wanted for both of our was going to be almost $600! So, time for plan B.

First, we made yet another trip to Menards. We spent about $150 on lumber. We got the cheap stuff, plus it was on sale.
Because, hello, it's a closet after all.
Staining in the garage.
We did a fancy mixing of stains because we had about three 1/2 cans left from other projects. And we didn't really give a crap what the color looked like, we just wanted closets for pete's sake.

 The fancy stain mix was just about equal parts Minwax Jacobean, Classic Grey, and Special Walnut...about equal. (aka we poured everything we had in the garage in a bucket...and mixed)

a few wooden dowel rods waiting to be stained.

We stained everything on a Thursday evening. Then, I skipped town and went up north to visit my mom and dad and let Adam do his magic. I came home to this:

Ready for the unpacking of clothes!

Hard to get a shot of the whole room since it is a big rectangle but...

ready for shoes and pursessss
my favorite heels in their new home.
This corner has a place for my jewelry box and where I will hang that mirror.
Ready for shoes!!
Blazers & dresses on one side.
I hung up my new scarf organizer from my momma! Thanks mom!
There is now a hamper under my blazers too.

My jeans and pants have their own spot on the shelves to be folded and stacked. And I have a few baskets now on the shelves to store my undies and belts etc.

Still unpacking...
This was just the beginning...I stopped taking photos when I seriously started unpacking...honestly, because it was a disaster zone.
I have too many clothes. There were two suitcases full after these photos...and that doesn't include a huge tub of Summer clothes still waiting to be unpacked this Spring!

I am on the look out for a cute little cube or ottoman so I have a spot to sit to put on my tights in the morning. Also something to stand on to reach stuff on the top shelves, I'm short.

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Where can I get a cute little ottoman or stool for cheap?
Do you have an overload of clothes too?


  1. I'm drooling. We cheaped out and went wire in our closets. Makes me sad. Someday I'll sucker the husband into building something like this. ;)

  2. OMG this is amazing! I actually love the stain color, so mixing what you had worked out perfectly! I'll be the first to admit I have wayyyy too many clothes. ;)

    1. thank you we are happy with the stain color too...and wouldn't you know...we can't make it happen again on a different project...oh well!

  3. Whoa! I would LOVE to have a closet like that. Mine literally is one rack that's like 3.5-4 feet long. That's it! LOL

    1. thanks crystal, my previous one was tiny i knew what i wanted when we built!

  4. I LOVE this! You guys did a great job. I have serious closet envy! :)

  5. Looks great! I am jealous of all those shoe shelves. Sometimes I wish we wouldn't have put a window in our closet so I had more shoe storage but I also love having the natural light!

  6. Wow! Your closet looks amazing! I definitely wish we had something like that to optimize space in ours, maybe I'll have to start harassing my husband ;)

  7. Love the closet! I have that same scarf organizer from IKEA. Love it.

  8. Your closet is awesome! And I like that you DIYed the shelves and everything. Because you're right, it's a flippin' closet for pete's sake.

  9. Walk-in closets are really a brilliant idea to keep your possessions. Through the system we will be able to utilize the storage space efficiently and the room appears more spacious.

  10. Did he anchor everything to the walls? How sturdy are the shelves? I've been contemplating this, but convincing the husband it won't be a complete flop is a whole other story!

  11. What are the dimensions of this closet? Looks like what I want!


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