Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favorite- 4th of July Pretzels!

Well, I was going to share my new favorite summer drink with you guys today. But, I forgot to take photos of the drink making last time I made it. Or the actual drink. Oops.
So, next week.

From Cupcakes and Cashmere
So I am sure we have all seen these on Pinterest. Well, I made them this week. These are pretty hard to screw up.

And a delicious freshly brewed Shlafly beer is optional but, suggested.

 Even though I attempted to make the photo shoot more pretty by choosing a color coordinated Fiesta plate...this is what a real life kitchen looks like when you are using it. There are globs of chocolate on the plate, and the counter.  And obviously, some serious sprinkling business going on.

If you don't have a scary sprinkle mess when you are finished.....

Well, you are a liar.

 Don't forget to give one of the broken pretzel sticks to your helper!
Don't judge the old straggly carpet in our rental. Ew, we hate it.

Overall it was the easiest---although close to messiest thing I have tried from pinterest. BTW, have you guys checked out the Pintester blog? She tries out pinterest recipes and crafts and pretty much screws most of them up. And, she is really hilarious about it. I am pretty sure she is me, because if I tried half the crap I pinned, 95% of the time it would be a serious fail.
I promise if you go to her website you will be LOLing for awhile. 

And you can click here to Follow me on Pinterest!

Happy Friday! Are you going to any fireworks this weekend? Are you bringing any tasty patriotic treats? Have you been to the Pintester's site before and LOLed all night?


  1. These look all fancy! Off to check off Pintester. Why don't I come up with these genius ideas?

  2. Haha I love that you took as-is pictures because thats totally how my kitchen looked after making cupcakes on monday. I'm STILL finding sprinkles on the floor!

    These are adorable though! I love chocolate covered pretzels. Mmm

    1. I know they are still everywhere and we've vacuumed twice!

  3. Cool! I could skip the blue and make these for Canada Day. :)

  4. Pintester is so funny! Yours turned out great!!

  5. Ooo yeah, this look amazing. Done dot com. Totally making some.

  6. Those look all fancy and stuff. I am pretty sure I couldn't make those, messy baking always ends up frustrating me.

    1. If I could do it you can! (from the girl who will never live down burning toasted cheese...)

  7. I need one of those now! The little stars are so cute!

  8. Thanks so much for the mention! And I like your sticks. ;) They are super cute, and look totally professional. And, you're right, if your kitchen doesn't get messy, you're lying.

  9. visiting from Honey We're Home! :-) I love these pretzel sticks! :-)


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