Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gobble Gobble

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We hope our readers enjoy the holiday and spend the extra time with family and friends. We'll be back next week with some serious updates on the basement progress!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lighting in the Basement: Shopping with Parrot Uncle

Lately, I've been spending more time shopping for basement fixtures, flooring, and lighting than I have shopping for cute baby clothes--which is most of my free time. To top off the basement shopping list I need beautiful lighting for the every room. I've been shopping all over and today I've compiled several choices from Parrot Uncle that I've got my eye on! 

They have a great selection of lighting for every room in your home. Modern Industrial, chic and sleek, and
Tiffany pendant lighting and Tiffany style lamps too! Whatever your're looking for to light up your rooms and make an impression or a design statement...they have it! For a steal! Parrot Uncle offers Free Shipping, free returns, and even 1.99 deals!

What light fixtures would you choose from at Parrot Uncle

This post was sponsored by Parrot Uncle but all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Basement Bathroom Shopping with Plumbtile

We’ve been busy working on our basement finish this Fall, and have big plans to get a large portion of this project finished by Spring. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll have a family room which includes a wet bar, and a guest bedroom/office complete with its own en suite bathroom in our basement--once everything is completed.

The plan is to finish the bathroom first—and so far we’re right on schedule. Since we plan to DIY most of this part of the project ourselves, we can get a large chunk of the job done while waiting on our contractor to do his part.
I think the best part of working on a whole room finish from scratch (besides it being done, of course!) is researching, shopping, and daydreaming about all of the possibilities.  

I compiled a collage of different items from PlumbTile in my search for the bathroom design. I’m not sure how to categorize what style I’ve come up with. I’d like to think it has both a modern and vintage appeal.

I’m loving that teal turquoise herringbone tile. It makes a statement, and feels both vintage and new, with a hint of eclectic! We’ve got big plans for the bathroom sink, but this one on PlumbTile was speaking to me. We don’t have a huge space for the vanity in this bathroom. This sink feels sleek and space-saving but not tiny. It has the vintage appeal we’ve got going on throughout the rest of our home. I like old things, and new things that look old!
I'd top off the room with a fun mirror like the one I chose above. It reminds me of old wood trim in Adam's grandparents farmhouse.

Of course, if I had an unlimited budget a bathtub like the one in my design board would be the star of the show. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be going with one this fancy, but a girl can dream right? Imagine soaking in this beauty.

Do you have a bathroom renovations,  refresh, or renovation in progress or on your mind? Check out Plumbtile for your home improvement needs and start dreaming!

This post was written by me and sponsored by the I was compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Is It Time To Pull the Plug on Your Water Heater?

Is it time to pull the plug on your water heater?

Did you know, second to heating your home, your water heater is the largest energy user in your house? The older your water heater is, the less efficient it gets. It will require more energy, which costs you more money. According to the Propane Education & Research Council, water heaters last about an average of 12 years. If you are a midwesterner like me, your water heater works even harder during those chilly Midwest winters.

Credit: Propane Education Research Council

If your water heater is closing in on a decade of age, it might be time to spring for a shiny new model. Don't wait until your water heater is on its last leg before your replace it. Simply replacing your water heater with an energy-efficient propane model can save you 13-16% in annual energy costs, which can add up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Did you know that propane is also a better source of energy than electric water heaters? Gas-powered water heaters deliver lower ownership costs overall. Tankless models are smaller in size than tank options, but they are more efficient – saving you money. If you factor in the annual cost to run an old, large electric water heater versus a tankless propane water heater with high efficiency, you will make up for the cost of the new heater and installation in no time!

Is it time to replace your water heater and switch to a different energy source?
Take this quick and handy 5 question quiz to find out if it's time to pull the plug on your water heater at

This post was written by me and sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council. I was compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dinner Party: Serving Wine...Only Wine.

I've never did the ~holiday tablescape~ thing before.  To be completely honest...I do sort of think it's a tad crazy to set up a fancy table setting just for pictures on the internet. Maybe some people really have people over after they set this all up and enjoy an elegantly styled dinner and drink fancy sounding drinks. They maybe even use those cute paper straws--and maybe they don't get soggy.

Today, I officially join the other bloggers in the crazy club--errr imaginary guest table.  My mother-in-law was cleaning out her basement and gifted me some old white tableware. Plus, I had an entire day off to myself this week. Adam worked and Ben went to the sitter. I caught up on laundry, gave Scout a bath, watched reality tv (90 Day Fiance anyone?), and then had a little extra time to spare.
Sooo there I was, setting the table for non-existent dinner guests with no fancy dinner cooking in the oven--and no plans for cocktails out of chic straws that evening.

I don't have anything to serve. Except sweet potato puffs, and wine. I always have wine.

But check out this lovely fall view of Bishop Creek.

Maybe take it all in while you enjoy a glass of Bishop Creek Wine? See what I did there?

Let's talk a minute about the blanket scarf. Every blogger in blog land seems to have one of these blanket scarves in their fall tablescape. They also seem to be wearing them all over fashion blogland. My blanket scarf is so soft, snuggly, and I love the print. But to be honest, I have not worn it more than 5 minutes. It's HOTTER THAN HECK. I mean this thing is H-O-T. I immediately have a sweat mustache about 90 seconds after it's draped over my shoulders. It does better as a little blankie on the couch, or draped over this table to be honest.

Have you ever set up your dining table with no dinner plans? 
Does your blanket scarf do more good on the couch or the table than on you?

P.S. In some of the photos above, you can see a sneaky peek of my new chevron jute rug. See more of it here. I'm loving it!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dining Room Changes: Chevron Jute Rug

Hey guys! Have you noticed anything different around here? We have a new logo and a blog design thanks to my dear friend Brett. Take a look around, tell me if you see something off. We still have a few more tweaks to do, but I'm loving the new look.
I'm so excited about changes taking place in my dining room too. I found a great set of vintage school chairs earlier this summer (for a serious steal) that of course will get a makeover. We've also added a makeshift coffee station-- which is a whole post for another day. Today I'm sharing our beautiful new dining room rug. Natural Area Rugs sent us a great rug to review, and it gives our dining room a whole new look.

Rugs can either make or break your space. I had a large wool rug below our table before this, but the shape wasn't right, and the colors weren't holding up to the foot traffic. The base color was cream. What was I thinking putting a light color under my table?

The Benaras rug from Natural Area Rugs still has the creamy neutral color I like, but the dark color zig-zagged into the chevron pattern into it gives it warmth and a slight modern touch. I love the the natural look, without the beachy feel I see in most Jute rugs.

This rug is chunky, but not too chunky. And it doesn't seem to even shed that much after the first vacuum. 

Feels good on my tootsies too. It's jute, so it's not going to feel like cashmere under your toes, but it's not rough either. It's perfect for the dining room, we won't exactly be playing on the floor with Ben here. 

The prices are right at, free shipping, and a great selection of sizes and styles. I had a hard time narrowing it down to the perfect rug. I'll probably be ordering more once our basement is finished.
Benaras Jute Rug
Oh an you should probably follow Natural Area Rugs on Instagram they have FABULOUS 24 hour giveaways all the time. My friend Hollie even won one a few weeks ago! (bonus, they post cute doggie photos too!)

I was provided with a rug for review from Natural Area Rugs. All opinions are my own.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Front Porch + Family Photos + Cutest.Turtle.Ever.

I figured I better get going on my Fall Front Porch post. In another month I'll be decorating for Christmas already! I can't believe it. This year has gone by faster than others. I swear. Plus, I don't want Brittaney to lose anymore sleep over not seeing my front porch--which she demanded on Instagram.

Well, and what good is a Fall front porch photoshoot without people (and dog). Here's our front porch in action:

Scout never really looks impressed in photos. Don't let him fool you, he likes being included.

I went for a quick and simple design this year. I don't have a ton of time, to mess with decor and hem and haw over I spend most of my free time chasing Ben around. He's crawling and boy can he move!
The rusty raised tub is from my parents garage. Thanks mom and dad! 
The chair was a $1 estate sale find. It's probably on it's last leg, but it was the best $1 ever spent. I truly love this chair and it's chippy goodness. 

I hung my thirfted tobacco basket on the door and stuck a wreath from Homegoods right inside.

I love the layered look.

We snapped a few fall family photos last weekend. We didn't have time to get with our photographer, but we really wanted to have a few photos taken at our home when the leaves turn. Luckily one of my very best friends visited and brought her camera along.

The Photo Crew...

GLAM PLAID SQUAD. Gets you maternity photo ready in a jiffy.

And is this not the CUTEST turtle you ever did see? Adam's favorite turtle when he was little was the blue one, Leonardo. So therefor, it is Ben's favorite turtle...until he can decide on his own that is.

He learned patty cake last week.

What was your favorite ninja turtle?
Did you take fall family photos? Professional or snapped a few at home?
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