Monday, October 13, 2014

A treat for our feet....and paws.

We purchased an area rug carpet remnant we plan to bind ourselves a few months back. It's snuggly and warm and it's the perfect size. But it didn't really have that much cushion. When we would get down on the floor to play with Scout, it was not as comfortable as we would have liked.

Then Rug Pads USA came to the rescue. They wondered if we'd like to try one of their pads, and we sure did. 

Because our area was so large (12x12) it arrived in two pieces. 

Adam hauled them in the house...perfect fit. The nice thing about Rug Pads USA is that even though they have about every size rug pad imaginable-- they give you the option of having the rug pad cut to custom size if you wish!

My husband always looks like a model when he vacuums. Or at least, he thinks so....

 Look at them legs...

There's plenty of reason to get a carpet pad. So that the rug doesn't slip around, to the protect the floors, and for comfort. +
We have a large area with heavy furniture anchoring it down, so we aren't really worried about the rug scooting around. Our biggest concern was comfort. Since we will probably be spending more time on the floor playing with the future Baby N, we decided we needed some cushion! We chose one of their memory foam rug pads.

We rolled them out, and Scout tested it first.

 Seems happy enough...

Then the tricky part, getting the rug back on and lined up nicely. This is probably a two person job. But I had two excuses not to help:
1. Preg ladies cannot lift heavy stuff. 2. I had to take photos for all of you.

Scout helped by standing on the carpet as we tried to re-align everything...he was a big help.

All three of us took our shoes off as soon as it was all set up and OOO-ed and AHHHH-ed. The floor was now super cushion-y and super dreamy feeling.

See for yourself up close. It was ultra plush and thick, but still kept it's shape when you walked on it. Since it was memory foam.

Scout approved of the upgrade.

 Scout laid right down on the carpet instead of his snuggly bed.
He was a little annoyed that I wouldn't let him go right to sleep with all my click click clicking on the camera and Adam still OOOO-ing and AHHHH-ing over the difference the cushion made on his toes.

 But he just looked so cute. So I kept snapping...

 And he rolled over to get more comfortable.

Then moved further away from me and gave me a dirty look...

Oops, sorry for all the Scout photos. I've turned into that creepy person that takes photos of her boyfriend dog sleeping....anyway....back to the rug pad.

If you in the market for a rug pad, go to Rug Pads USA first. You will not find better selection out there. They also stand behind their MADE IN THE USA (yay!) products with a 15-20 year warranty on all rug pads. Oh, and did I mention FREE SHIPPING? I hate paying for shipping!
Pop over to their handy buying guide and see which rug pad works best for your needs.

Anyway, thank you Rug Pads USA for providing us with your memory foam rug pad. Our feet, and paws are much happier. We've even had a few compliments on the extra cushion from friends and family who have noticed the difference of the extra cushion already!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Outdoor Space: our covered back deck

As promised today we're sharing photos of our favorite outdoor space. Our deck. We spend time out here Spring-Fall. We sacrificed larger windows in the great room to have the back deck covered. Although sometimes we do wish we had a few of those huge windows, we also appreciate being able to sit out here during a rain, or when it's hot a sunny with the fan on to cool us.

We even pop out here during snow storms in the winter. It's especially beautiful when we turn on the flood lights.

Adam installed a TV on the wall so we can sit outside and watch HGTV the game.

We do use the TV all 3 seasons. It's not a special outdoor TV or anything, we just used an old one we've had for years. It does pretty okay so far in the outdoors. We purchased a TV cover on Amazon and just unplug and cover it when it's not in use. In the winter we do take it off the wall and store the tv in the basement.

The ceiling fan is a must for Illinois summers. However, we didn't really have much of a summer this year...I'm not mad, I'm not a fan of muggy weather.

The patio set is from Menards last year. The rug was purchased from RugsUSA during one of their 70% off sales. It adds a little more warmth to the space in the Fall.

Adam made this DIY simple outdoor table for under 60 bucks last year. It's really sturdy and it's nice to have for outdoor dinners, Cards Against Humanity when friends visit, or even if I'm blogging outside.

The chairs around the table are also from Menards.We snagged them for a great deal, 20 bucks a piece with a $10 mail-in-rebate for each chair, plus 11% rebate on top of it. Less than 10 dollars a chair in the end! And they stack nicely when we store them away in the winter.

Adam just has to have his Beale Street party sign up. I let him decorate a little sometimes.

We have a great view of the creek behind our house.

Another view of the sitting area and TV. Perfect spot to relax with an seasonal beer or for me---a bottle of orange cream soda...lately.

We stained the deck this summer (I say we, but Adam did 95% of the work.)  We love the color Thompson's Water Seal provided us. We used Thompson's Desert Brown. It really goes great with our home and style. And we know it will protect our deck from weather and use. Thanks again to HomeRight for providing us with the tools to get the job done quick too!

Who wants to come over and enjoy an orange cream soda with me on the back deck? 
It's rainy and chilly this week so bring an extra sweater!

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's a...

Scout was so excited to have a little brother he ran laps around the house...

My friend Lora came over one evening and fluffed up my hair and played photographer for us. We were glad to have someone snapping the photos, instead of using the self timer like last time for the pregnancy announcement.

Scout just wasn't great at cooperating for all the photos, as usual. But we still got a few cute ones with and without him.

He refused to look at the camera for all photos...

So then we ditched him and took a few mushy ones by ourselves...

And I will leave you with a sort of  'bump' photo.

We are super pumped to find out we are having a little boy. It's fun to plan and shop! I already have a plan for the nursery..and I've even picked up a few items for it. Can't wait to share!

We'll be back to regular house stuff very soon. Our computer is not really cooperating lately, so I've been using that as and excuse to be blog lazy. Oopsies.

Does your pet cooperate for photos?
What are you doing this weekend?
I'm heading to the Spoon River Drive with my mom and sister to get some flea market deals! So excited.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Announcement Outtakes and more info on Baby N

Thanks again for all of the messages, emails the last few weeks after we made our announcement. We are having so much fun planning for the baby! We've had a ton of questions too, so we figured we'd fill you in...
Scout patiently waiting while I took some test shots...
When we found out:
We found out the day before Father's day...and we told our immediate families on Independence Day weekend. We told the rest of our families and friends mid to end of August.

Scout was a good big brother and helped us tell our family and friends with a special scarf...
Ordered from this Etsy shop
However, he wasn't great posing for our photo shoot. He was not good at sitting still so we had to do what we could...

So we ended up with this as our favorite shot. Scout is basically saying "enough with this photo shoot already...." but we still liked it.

How have I been feeling?
This is the question everyone asks me: "How have you been feeling?" 
I've been feeling fine, really! Tired. So sleepy, and really super duper tired for awhile. For weeks I only wanted to nap after work. I was like a panda bear. The last month that has been slowly going away. I have energy after work again.

No cravings like pickles or dirt or anything goofy like that. However, there has been more than once where I've been grocery shopping and just happen to walk by the bakery and spy some delicious looking donuts...and buy them..when it was 6 o'clock at night. And then I eat one two in the car.

Adam has been great about bringing home a few treats here and there for me. Chocolate in the house is always a good thing.

Will we find out if we are having a boy or girl?
Yep, most definitely. We have to know. We will hopefully find out at our next appointment. Cross your fingers Baby N cooperates for us!

Will this become a 'mommy blog'?
God no. It will stay mostly home, DIY, a little family and lifestyle stuff just like now. We haven't even really decided how much we will share our kid on the internet.
Even though I'm a blogger---I'm not big on over-sharing and neither is Adam. So we are going to kind of wing it when it comes to personal stuff with our kids on the world wide web.

Heck, we will probably wing it a bunch when it comes to raising our kids in general...

What's next?
We have about 100 DIY projects on the 'to do list' (and a few already finished we will share soon!). Some of them will get done before the baby arrives, and some will not. 
Some of them are baby related, but most are not. I 'm looking forward to decorating the nursery!

Coming soon:
  • Outdoor Space reveal: back deck
  • Nursery Inspiration
  • Flea Market Finds
  • Gender reveal

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do you need the HomeRight StainStick with Gap Wheel when you stain and seal your deck?

Hi guys! Thanks for all your sweet words and messages last week when we made our big Life Changer announcement. We will be sharing more on our new addition very soon.

But first let's go back a few weeks when we showed you one of the larger summer projects we finally crossed off our list. We stained our back deck.

It was a ton of work but worth it! We will be posting a final reveal of the outdoor space very soon. I can't wait for you to see where we spend our summer evenings! But first I wanted to give our honest opinion of one of the products we used for this outdoor DIY.

Adam working the stain magic with the HomeRight Stainstick with Gap Wheel!
HomeRight provided us with a tool to try out when we stained our back deck. We were of course thankful for the tool and the opportunity to try it out, but it wasn't all cupcakes and sprinkles.

And now, what you've all been waiting for: The pros and cons of The StainSick with Gap Wheel from HomeRight! Do you need this tool to stain your deck?

Less mess
Gap wheel worked great in between boards
Completed project quickly
Smooth finish

Pad could have been a little longer
Can't control the squirt (hah)

Adam's way of solving the 'squirt' issue we had.

What would we do to make the StainStick with Gap Wheel Better?
I'd make the button you use to squirt the stain come with some kind of gauge or lever so you can choose how much stain comes out at once. I'd also make the stain spritz fan out more instead of in one straight line. This would make it easier to spread evenly. We ended up spraying one long line of stain with the stainstick, then going back over it with the pad.  I don't think that was the intended way to use it, but it solved our problem.

Would we use this product again when we have to stain the deck in (hopefully several) years?
Yes. Even though we had some issues, it was still a pretty smooth process once we got the hang of it. We were able to fill the gaps between the boards, and the surface of the deck mostly at the same time. We'd use it again, but hoping reviews like these help improve the product, or even come out with something better!

Would we try other HomeRight Products for other DIYs?
We would try out other products for sure. We are thinking of purchasing a paint sprayer from HomeRight. We can think of about 1,000 things we would use it on.  I see so many good things about them in blogland. Your reviews work people!

So in the end we are thankful we had the StainStick for this project. It definitely saved ourselves time and probably helped make the end result what it was. Thanks HomeRight for making a great product, even if it wasn't 100% perfect, we are sure it would have been a tougher job without it. To answer my question: Do you need this tool to stain your deck? Yep, I think it would be on the supply list next time we do a job like this!

We were provided with the supplies for this post. As usual, all statements in opinions in this post are mine. 

The final reveal of our outdoor space is coming very soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life Changer: February

Nesting dolls: a gift from my sissy!
We have some news...

As you can tell Scout may be just a little nervous about his new role as big brother...or maybe just wasn't too thrilled about yet another photo shoot.

SIDE NOTE: Some of you stinkers guessed it when I was filling you in on what was to come from Let's Just Build a House. So then i panicked a tiny bit and then I kind of--sort of lied to you in this post when I said I didn't mean to give out baby vibes! Ok, not really lied... I steered you off track and instead told you about a different life change we accomplished this year: becoming everything-but-the-house debt free. Which was big news itself.

Anyway, this of course is a really super big life change too. We are happy to finally share the news! More info on the new addition to our family, and house stuff to come! Stay tuned!
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