Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Vintage Tavern Sconces & other Basement Lighting

It's pretty obvious that I can't design a space in my house without using something vintage. We searched flea markets with our basement design in mind but didn't really come up with any lighting fixtures that fit our taste. Well, my dad came to the rescue with these awesome old tavern lights.

They looked pretty junky when he handed them over. They were full of grime, crusty decades old cigarette smoke from the tavern where they lived combined with being stored in a musty dusty garage for years after that. But I love a good vintage find, and Adam loves old beer goodies so we took them home and cleaned them up.

The pair of Schlitz Bottle Sconces will go behind the bar next to the barn beam floating shelves. They're for sure from a local tavern in my hometown area, and from the late 50's. Just for fun, I did a little bit of googling and I found a few sets listed on Ebay. Guess how much... almost 300 bucks for the set! YIPES. That wasn't even in our budget to buy new sconces! Glad we got these babies for free.
Can be found on Ebay here: Schlitz Bottle Sconces.

1959 Schlitz Tavern Light
My dad also gave us a globe Schlitz light. This one is magical because it not only lights up but the globe spins. A quick google search verified this one was not as old, from the late 60's. I found the Schlitz globe light listed on Ebay too.  I'm surprised they are going for this much. We're not ever selling them, but it's fun to look up the going price of these old finds!

These oldies have been cleaned up and fitted with new wiring for a new home in our basement bar.

We also have been pretty annoyed with each other over the search for pendant lighting for the bar.
I wanted something ORB, and rustic looking.
Adam wanted small--like smaller than they make. But they lights still had to be 'manly enough' for a bar, and had to be adjustable height.

We ended up with 5 Kenroy Home Carson mini pendants.

The color and finish is perfect, and we both agreed on the shape. At 8 inches, they are a little larger than Adam wanted, but we compromised and he's hanging them a little higher than I normally would agree on. Who knew so many ridiculous arguments could be had over lighting. Now we know.

When we were building I had about 95% control over the lighting choices. Adam only vetoed a few of my picks and mostly because they were over budget. This time, he counts the wet bar as his space, so we had to compromise.
Under Construction Basement Bar
Our contractor is building us a beam in the ceiling to help show a separation of the wet bar and the family room. We have a nice separation with the flooring and I wanted to carry that up to the ceiling too. These pendants will be attached to that barn beam.  You can see above where the electrician roughed them in yesterday.

We'll have a few sconces on the barn beam poles in the hallway. We decided on these Globe Electric lights.
We think they'll pair nicely with the pendant lights, and the rest of the fixtures in our home.

We plan to have most of the lights in the basement on a dimmer so we can set the lighting to whatever we like for movie nights, parties, or just hanging out as a family. We're really looking forward to getting this space finished up in the next month or so. It's been lots of work on evenings and weekends.

What do you think of our lighting choices? Would you pay $300 for a vintage light fixture?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Basement Bar: Natural Slate Tile

The basement reno is coming right along. Today we'll concentrate on the progress in the main living area. In this space we'll have a wet bar and large family room.

Like the basement bath, we chose tile from Home Depot. We purchased the Marazzi VitaElegante tile in Ardesia for the rest of the basement.

Adam gets credit for this one. He picked it out. I was surprised myself how much I liked his choice. 
It 's in our price range and came in my preferred 6x24 size. It can pull out the grey from the barn wood that we'll be using and has warm and brown tones in the terracotta rust color that blends well with the rest of our home. We were digging the natural stone look. Everything we wanted. 

We had help with this part of the basement from our contractor. We probably could have handled ourselves, like the bathroom, but we chose to leave it to the professionals. We wanted that fancy angle in the tile to match the angle of the future bar. We felt like that spelled trouble for our novice tile experience. More on the bar plans later.

We chose to tile the entry way from the back patio too. Although we have a decent sized concrete patio and there isn't much chance for muddy shoes...I felt like walking into straight carpet would be a mess. We'll have the carpet laid in a few weeks around the tile.

And just because we hired contractors for some of it, doesn't mean we aren't still working our tails off. Here's Adam installing the door hardware. We're running around buying up the little things like door knobs, bath fans, and lighting this week and doing the little odds and ends when Benjamin is sleeping on weekends.

Next up, the lighting. Who knew lighting could be such a pain to pick out. When we were building, I had about 99% say in the light fixtures, Adam didn't mind. Now since his bar is in the picture, I have to appease him, myself, and our budget! Geesh.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Basement Bathroom Progress Report

Even though there is crap everywhere, and the lighting is totally off, we wanted to post an in progress update on the basement bathroom reno.

Last post about the basement bathroom renovation I showed you our work in progress sleek tile floor.

Here it is as it stands today. The bathroom is odd L shaped, so it's awkward to get a good angle. Bear with me.

We really love the floors even more now in all their white grout beauty. Especially after we did all the work ourselves. Which is why it's not perfect. We did save a boat load of money. Although, it came with a cost of just a little bickering at each other in the process and sore knees and backs!

As far as the ceiling goes, we chose these decorative tiles from Menards. They are waterproof, and prettier than the spongy foamy tiles. We chose not to drywall this ceiling in case we ever need to get to the plumbing in the ceiling for this bath, and the master bath, which is directly above this room.
You will see these ceiling tiles in another post, we did something fun with them for a different part of the basement!

I made a decision on the real life vintage farm house sink debacle and ordered the faucet.

This is the faucet we ordered. It comes tomorrow, crossing my fingers it's the perfect fit. We measured 30 times, but since the sink is so old it will be tricky.

Most of our fixtures are Delta, but delta had slim pickins of wall mount options that matched the style we want. Can you guess which one we picked? They both cleaned up so nice, it was hard to decide! I might save the answer for the big reveal.
We can't wait to get the sink installed and the doors and trim up, and of course the stool in place.

I'm still researching light fixtures for this space. I feel like I've looked everywhere and can't find the right ones! Sometimes I just get something in my head and can't settle!

Where do you shop for light fixtures?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fa la la la laaaa

We'll be back with several basement updates after the new year. We've been working so hard, and are taking advantage of a few days off work to tackle the flooring in the basement. We're so excited to show you.

In the meantime follow us on Instagram to see some of our Christmas decor that didn't make it on the blog this year, and maybe a sneak peek of the basement finish!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

XOXO: Adam, Trina & Benjamin

Monday, December 7, 2015

Basement Bathroom Vintage Farmhouse Sinks & Sleek Floors

We've been making decisions left and right in the basement bathroom. This bathroom is getting whipped into shape this winter, with the rest the basement closely behind. As soon as we get the tile complete, our plumber can install the stool, and the sink. Oh, the sink---we'll get to that part soon. I need your help.

First, let's talk about floors. We're currently this far on the floors:
Excuse the blurry Iphone picture, and the mess.  This was an in-progress-shot. It's only been set. Adam still has to grout this week.

We purchased this tile from the Home Depot.
Marazzi VitaElegante Bianco
As you can see in my iphone photo above, it's much more beige than white. We're going with snow white grout lines. This bathroom won't have a window and it's still a basement bathroom, but we want it to be as light and clean looking as possible.

And now the sink debate.

We have two old junky let's say ~vintage~ sinks currently sitting in our basement. They're not in the best shape, obviously.  These old sinks were once used in Adam's Grandpa's farmhouse...they've been sitting outside in the shed for years and years, until one day, we did a big clean up day...and they were headed for the dumpster.
Adam probably annoyed that I made him haul two old junky sinks home on clean up day.
But, you know me....I can't let a vintage find like this be trashed. So in the back of the jeep they went.

The rust does come off, and I have a call into our plumber for help with switching out the faucets too. My plan is to use one for the laundry room, and one for the basement bathroom.

Adam so nicely hauled them right into the bathroom so I could see how the colors looked.  Right now I like the white, but the green would be sort of fun and eclectic, maybe?

So, green or white? Help!!

See our other basement finish updates:

My Stylin' Iphone Case: JimmyCase Review

Taking a quick break from home design and decor talk to talk about phone decor. FUNCTIONAL phone decor! The folks at JimmyCASE sent me this sweet Iphone Wallet Case for me to try out. I chose the gold and marroon with wood backer. I think it has a retro flair.

The case popped on easily and was a snug fit. I can still push all my buttons easily and switch my sound on and off, which was a problem with the previous case I had. I'm not one to have a big bulky protective case..surprising since I do drop my phone on a regular basis in the parking lot, or on the tile floor. I know you're wondering if this snazzy case provides any protection at all. I think it does. My phone has taken a tumble a few times in the past week and *knocks on wood* we are still in good shape. JimmyCASE has a full frame protection with a silicone bumper.

And the cherry on top? Made in the USA. Which you and me both know is an important selling point.

JimmyCASE can hold up to 6 cards plus your cash. It's stylish and functional. I can stick my ID and debit card in the back pocket and go. This is a HUGE deal to a new mom. I am always carting around way too much stuff with me nowadays. It's nice to be able to have something with a dual purpose that is stylish too! With the JimmyCase I grab what I need, stick it in the diaper bag and go. Or, on a rare evening out without the kiddo I leave my giant purse at home and throw my JimmyCase in my clutch. This leaves more room for important things like lipstick.

Head to JimmyCase now and pick out your custom Iphone 6 plus wallet case!

I was provided a product to review. As always, all comments and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gobble Gobble

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We hope our readers enjoy the holiday and spend the extra time with family and friends. We'll be back next week with some serious updates on the basement progress!

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