Friday, February 20, 2015

BabyN's Birth Announcements with {Minted}

So, I've had big plans for BabyN's newborn photo-shoot for months. We can't wait until he's finally here and we get photos of him all sleepy and snuggled up in baskets and buckets! We have a super talented photographer lined up--and I know her photos of him are going to be great. We want to make sure we share them with his birth announcements! So I popped over to Minted and looked at what they had to offer in their 2015 collection of birth announcements.

Minted has gorgeous designs on quality paper. I had fun just looking through them all and dreaming up what ours will look like when this kid decides to grace us with his presence--- and gets his first photo session!

Let's scroll through my favorites just for fun shall we!?

These gold foil ones were an immediate favorite!
Gold Foil Birth Announcement from Minted
One of the awesome things Minted offers is you can customize the colors on your prints, but also your edges. Scalloped, rounded, straight they have different paper options for customization too.
Meet Jacob Custom Edges Birth Announcement
This is such a cute design to list all the new baby's stats too! 
Infantgraphics Birth Announcement
This simple this one is a top pick. The shape is perfect...
Minted Birth Announcement
Options to customize the back too! You can write a sweet note, or baby stats!
Minted Birth Announcement

And OHMYGOSH look how sweet this one is with the scalloped edges. It's a little too girly for BabyN but it's still darling. 
Minted: Source
Minted will send out a free proof of your print/announcement too so that you can be sure to double triple check everything before they're printed. 
And if you want to see the quality of their work, they will send out a sample pack of birth announcement samples to you before you order. Just go here and enter your info. This will give you an idea of quality and sizes. Plus, it's always helpful to me to see them in person before I order. Especially something this important! 

I was compensated for my time for this post but as usual all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Say Goodbye to Ugly Outlets with COVERPLUG

Our kid is not even here yet and we are already considering childproofing.  We will probably also make you put on GermX before you hold our kid. Yes, we are those parents.

We had a great electrician who placed outlets everywhere we would need them....but those buggers will need to be covered up when the kiddo is big enough to stick toys and fingers in the sockets.  I don;t know about you, but those plastic-y things you can get are #1 ugly, and also a PITA to get out when you need to vacuum.

Do you have a little extra paint leftover from last time you painted your living room/bedroom/playroom? Well, pair that with the CoverPlug and you are golden.
  • Outlets Disappear! They are paint-able; the outlets blend right into your walls.
  • Completely covers a standard grounded double outlet.
  • Installs in seconds - No tools required. Seconds!
  • Provides a visual and physical barrier. Fits snug, removable by an adult.
  • Made in the USA! 

They are great even for those who don't have kids. They pop right on and off so they cover up the ugly outlets, and blend with the walls...but when you need to plug something in like your only takes a quick minute.

Adam and I both love this product, and we will be purchasing a few more for our home. We were able to test out a product that we wish we had 30 more of because it's awesome and so smart and so simple!

As usual, all reviews contain my own opinions on the products. I was provided with the product and compensated for my time to review this item. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Monthly Stickers with ICustom Label GIVEAWAY!

ICustomLabel provided us with the items in this post. All opinions are my own.

I have big plans to take monthly photos of babyN when he arrives. I've been pinning cute ways to document each month and the monthly stickers seem to be the best (and fastest!) option.  ICustomLabel has the most adorable baby monthly stickers out there. So many options to choose from! Plus, they are only 10 bucks for a set. I think that is a steal.

Wouldn't these make a great present at a baby shower, or for a new mom you know?

ICustomLabel and Let's Just Build a House are giving away this super cute set of elephant chevron monthly stickers on Let's Just Build a House Facebook page. All you have to do is LIKE or Comment in the post on Facebook to enter. SO SIMPLE!

Get your own at ICustomLabel!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basement Progress: Drywall...and the Details on those Barn Beams!

The basement space is a project we've talked about since we started digging.

We have always had plans for this basement to be a living space we will use every day.

It would host a family room, an office, an guest (in-law) suite, a play room, storage, and most importantly on my husband's list---a bar.

 And no, not a stupid man cave.
We talked about what we want in the basement and look we are heading towards last year about why our basement is NOT going to be a mancave.

Well, after we paid off all of our debt (except our mortgage) and saved up a little cash we decided it's time to start this massive project.
It will take a little longer than normal as we are cash-flowing this project. (Oh and don't forget having a BABY at the same time..I hear havin' kids ain't cheap!)

This is what we are starting with after we've been all moved in for a few years. Pretty much nothing.

Old couches, a foosball table, insulation everywhere, a few pieces of drywall up, and some old cabinets my parents gifted us when they did their kitchen remodel.
The back wall where the cabinets are is actually the super rough layout for Adam's bar.

A walk down the future hallway...

We look into the future guest bath.

Future guest suite and office will be in here.

Lovely huh?

We had the contractors come last week. They worked for about a day 1/2...and they worked their tails off...

DRYWALL IS NOW UP! Plus, the start of the barn beam bump out built ins has begun!

Adam had the idea to use the old barn beams we have to create almost a faux mantle with built-ins where the TV will sit. Perfect.

They got so much work done in the first day...then only had to come back for about a half day to finish the drywall...

Looking down the hallway that leads into the guest bedroom and bath --with walls!

The bar will be at the end of this room.

Taking measurements in the future full bath...

A view standing at the end of the above hallway.

And the faux mantle bump out is looking great already!

Side view so you can see the angles better. There will be shelving in that blank space along the sides too--with a fake backer so that we can easily get to the wires etc when we need to.
There will be shelving below the horizontal beam too for things like books, knick-knacks, baskets of toys and movies.

The barn beams will also be making an appearance in other parts of the basement. We've got a heck of a lot of them and you better bet we are using them!

Next on the list is getting it mudded. We talked about DIYing this...but with me about two weeks shy of my due date...we wanted to get crackin' and get this part done before the little one gets here. We can't exactly have contractors going in and out when we've got a newborn, so the basement will be put on hold for a few months when he decides to make his grand arrival.

Speaking of babyN. I am sneaking a belly shot in here since I have been stingy. 38 weeks! about a look at the nursery? We aren't quite finished...but we are close! We will be sharing his room next!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

PB2 is Heaven Sent & a Smoothie Recipe

I have to thank my sister Eliza for this find. I am a peanut butter girl. I love all things with peanut butter.
All the deserts with peanut butter, smoothies, milkshakes, candy, peanut butter sauces for noodles and chicken...everything peanut butter is good in my book. Even celery with peanut butter...and raisins too of course. You have to have the ants on the log.

However, being a PB lover...the ~diet~ peanut butter is unacceptable.
Gross. Disgusting. I can't believe people eat that crap.

So when my sister told me about the PB2...a jar of powder that is a substitute for peanut butter. I told her that sounded sick and we needed to talk about something else.
Then she gifted me a jar. I tried it...
I'm sorry Liza. I'm sorry for all the mean things I said about PB2. I thought it was another fake disgusting diet peanut butter substitute. I take it all back. It is none of these things.

It is heaven sent. It's amazing and fabulous and I can't stop telling people about it. Now, I have not used it as peanut butter on a PBJ sandwich. I don't think I would even TRY that because I love the rich creamy real stuff. But for baking, smoothies, or even mixed in with a few spoonfuls of fat free cool whip....yum.

I use it mostly in smoothies. Because I am the proud owner of a kick-butt Vitamix and I cannot get enough smoothies.

The Vitamix is the queen of all blenders.

PB2 is more than just taste. It's better for you too. PB2 claims to have 85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter. I'm not exactly dieting right now since I'm currently 9 months pregnant with little babyN. However, it never hurts to love healthy foods.

I found this chart on their website:

Oh and that is not all. There is a bonus. PB2's beautiful cousin PB2 With Premium Chocolate is also a beautiful jar of delicious peanut buttery chocolate without feeling guilty. I just purchased this baby this week. I will's REALLY damn good in a banana smoothie. Without the guilt. Buy this. Get the two pack.

It's not even expensive either. It was about 5 bucks at my local grocery store..and it's even cheaper on Amazon if you buy BOTH at once. Do it. Buy them. Buy it in bulk. You will thank me.

Try this smoothie, it's made almost daily at my house.

I found more recipes at PB2's website. I'm definitely going to try making a desert with it! PB2 Recipes

Have you tried PB2? 
Any other peanut butter fanatics out there?  All this peanut butter talk...I think I need a Reese's PB V-DAY heart a.s.a.p.

P.S. I was NOT compensated in any way for this post. The people at PB2 have no idea I exist.. I just wanted to share my new favorite product with you!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy $4 Barnwood Entry Shelf

This was such a simple DIY--a tutorial is not needed. But I still really love it in our home and I want to share how simple and cheap it was!

We basically went outside to our scrap pile of barn wood, picked a board and took a piece of sandpaper to the rough spots then wiped it down. That was it.

Our wood from the summertime obviously!

We have really big plans for these beautiful beams for the basement...but...back to the shelf....

We then hopped in the jeep for our every Saturday morning trip to Menards---and spent about 4 dollars total on 2 brackets. We got them in the oil rubbed bronze color to match the hardware in the house.

I picked the height, just close enough to the entry mirror--Adam found the studs and placed the brackets.

Just have to double triple check that it's level before the board is secured...

It was perfect to decorate for Christmas with my little drawer of trees and snow.

I used to have my sewing machine table there. Way back in the Fall of 2013:

But although our entryway is pretty large it still felt a tad crowded when we were greeting friends at the door.
The shelf takes out the bulk but still let's me display a few items and put a vase of fresh flowers if I want! It's a perfect spot for a little flame-less candle and even a few framed photos leaning too.

We're pleased with the final look for now, but if I found skinny entry table I loved--it would easily go right under this shelf. The shelf would of course be removable with a little caulk and paint too.

Easy DIY Barnwood entry shelf
2 Brackets (1.97 each Menards)
Barn wood: free (from our stash)
Total spent: $4
Total time: 20 minutes (the hour we spent schlepping around Menards on a Saturday morning is not being counted)

Anyone else do any totally simple DIY's lately? Any DIY's with barn wood?
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