Thursday, January 29, 2015

PB2 is Heaven Sent & a Smoothie Recipe

I have to thank my sister Eliza for this find. I am a peanut butter girl. I love all things with peanut butter.
All the deserts with peanut butter, smoothies, milkshakes, candy, peanut butter sauces for noodles and chicken...everything peanut butter is good in my book. Even celery with peanut butter...and raisins too of course. You have to have the ants on the log.

However, being a PB lover...the ~diet~ peanut butter is unacceptable.
Gross. Disgusting. I can't believe people eat that crap.

So when my sister told me about the PB2...a jar of powder that is a substitute for peanut butter. I told her that sounded sick and we needed to talk about something else.
Then she gifted me a jar. I tried it...
I'm sorry Liza. I'm sorry for all the mean things I said about PB2. I thought it was another fake disgusting diet peanut butter substitute. I take it all back. It is none of these things.

It is heaven sent. It's amazing and fabulous and I can't stop telling people about it. Now, I have not used it as peanut butter on a PBJ sandwich. I don't think I would even TRY that because I love the rich creamy real stuff. But for baking, smoothies, or even mixed in with a few spoonfuls of fat free cool whip....yum.

I use it mostly in smoothies. Because I am the proud owner of a kick-butt Vitamix and I cannot get enough smoothies.

The Vitamix is the queen of all blenders.

PB2 is more than just taste. It's better for you too. PB2 claims to have 85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter. I'm not exactly dieting right now since I'm currently 9 months pregnant with little babyN. However, it never hurts to love healthy foods.

I found this chart on their website:

Oh and that is not all. There is a bonus. PB2's beautiful cousin PB2 With Premium Chocolate is also a beautiful jar of delicious peanut buttery chocolate without feeling guilty. I just purchased this baby this week. I will's REALLY damn good in a banana smoothie. Without the guilt. Buy this. Get the two pack.

It's not even expensive either. It was about 5 bucks at my local grocery store..and it's even cheaper on Amazon if you buy BOTH at once. Do it. Buy them. Buy it in bulk. You will thank me.

Try this smoothie, it's made almost daily at my house.

I found more recipes at PB2's website. I'm definitely going to try making a desert with it! PB2 Recipes

Have you tried PB2? 
Any other peanut butter fanatics out there?  All this peanut butter talk...I think I need a Reese's PB V-DAY heart a.s.a.p.

P.S. I was NOT compensated in any way for this post. The people at PB2 have no idea I exist.. I just wanted to share my new favorite product with you!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy $4 Barnwood Entry Shelf

This was such a simple DIY--a tutorial is not needed. But I still really love it in our home and I want to share how simple and cheap it was!

We basically went outside to our scrap pile of barn wood, picked a board and took a piece of sandpaper to the rough spots then wiped it down. That was it.

Our wood from the summertime obviously!

We have really big plans for these beautiful beams for the basement...but...back to the shelf....

We then hopped in the jeep for our every Saturday morning trip to Menards---and spent about 4 dollars total on 2 brackets. We got them in the oil rubbed bronze color to match the hardware in the house.

I picked the height, just close enough to the entry mirror--Adam found the studs and placed the brackets.

Just have to double triple check that it's level before the board is secured...

It was perfect to decorate for Christmas with my little drawer of trees and snow.

I used to have my sewing machine table there. Way back in the Fall of 2013:

But although our entryway is pretty large it still felt a tad crowded when we were greeting friends at the door.
The shelf takes out the bulk but still let's me display a few items and put a vase of fresh flowers if I want! It's a perfect spot for a little flame-less candle and even a few framed photos leaning too.

We're pleased with the final look for now, but if I found skinny entry table I loved--it would easily go right under this shelf. The shelf would of course be removable with a little caulk and paint too.

Easy DIY Barnwood entry shelf
2 Brackets (1.97 each Menards)
Barn wood: free (from our stash)
Total spent: $4
Total time: 20 minutes (the hour we spent schlepping around Menards on a Saturday morning is not being counted)

Anyone else do any totally simple DIY's lately? Any DIY's with barn wood?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Scout for President in 2016 and a Giveaway!

Hello and happy new year! We've been working super hard getting the baby's room put together and we cannot wait to share with you soon!

Today I will give you just an itsy bitsy peek of just a teeny part of the nursery. I've been working on what to hang on the walls for awhile now. Some of it is DIY, a couple have been gifts, and I've been scouring Etsy for a few perfect prints too. I love finding art and prints you can't find anywhere else.
Speaking of original art, I have the cutest original artwork for the baby's room to show you today. I'm not kidding when I say it's the cutest. It's also sort of hilarious. Okay, it's really hilarious. Especially if you are a dog person.

Right before the holidays, our friends at Uncommon Goods sent us a super adorable and fun print for the nursery.

You are screaming over the cuteness aren't you? It's perfect. My husband is into history and politics, and well, I think Scout would make a really great president. We wanted to incorporate Scout into the the baby's room somehow, since we are pretty sure they will be darn good friends someday.

I added a photo mat and a wood thrifted frame to make it official. It's going up on the wall this weekend! I can't wait to get it hung up with the rest of the goodies I've been collecting!

Have you ever shopped at Uncommon Goods? You should check them out. They have thousands of unique items, and fun stuff to be personalized just like the puppy president print! Check out Uncommon Goods when you are shopping for your next personalized gift...or better yet treat yourself! You will have a ball just looking at all the treasures they have to offer.

I can make your shopping even MORE fun. Uncommon Goods is offering 1 reader of Let's Just Build a House a $25 gift certificate to shop with! One lucky reader will win!  Enter below in the Rafflecopter widget!  There are several ways to enter to win, just enter your email address then choose 1 or all the options to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Decking the Halls: Christmas Home Tour 2014

Welcome to our Christmas home tour 2014! I didn't have a ton of time, or energy for that matter to do gobs of DIY for Christmas this year, but luckily I did last year. I did some rearranging...and of course...added a few flea market finds to the decor to change it up! 

First, our Fall front porch transformed into winter with more flea market finds added, greenery, burlap, and a few logs and firewood.

Too bad there is no SNOW in these photos! Still crossing my fingers for a white Christmas.

 The wreath on the front door was a makeover from Christmas 2013.

I scored this old sled at a flea market for 8 dollars. I love the arrow painted on it.

Come on in!

Adam really wanted the staircase wrapped in garland and lights, so he was in charge of this. It looks so pretty at night especially.

Our entry is much different from last year. We wanted a more open feel, so we removed the entryway furniture and Adam created a simple DIY barn wood shelf in a hot minute.

I filled a little sewing drawer from (you guessed it!) a flea market with some fake snow, and a couple of tiny trees I picked up on super clearance last year. I glued the little banner on the side.

I paired a few milk glass vases together with some red and green spritzes from ---get this----grocery store bouquet from this SUMMER. The greenery in it was still alive so I kept it...still looks good!

Remember my DIY burlap Fall wreath? I wasn't ready to put it away for the year so I brought it inside, stuck this colorful sign on the front. I think it transitions pretty well for Christmas too.

Our 2014 tree. I scored about 95% of the vintage ornaments on the tree at an estate sale this Fall for 7 bucks. I didn't even open the box with all my sparkle ornaments this year! These ornaments are larger so they filled the tree.  We stuck a burlap Merry Christmas banner towards the top instead of an angel or a star. I didn't have the right one for the tree top this year with the new look.

Behind the tree is our DIY etched mirror. If you missed the post with this DIY you should check it out. So easy!
The snowy trees in front of the mirror were from the same estate sale as the vintage ornaments...only 2 or 3 dollars for a bundle.

A close up of our tree and the vintage ornaments. I came home one day and there were candy canes on the tree too. Adam had to do his part.

These candelabras are new too. It was originally a 2 piece chandelier, but they look perfect as two pieces on our wall next to the fireplace. I purchased all the tapers at the dollar tree for 50 cents each.

The Buon Natale burlap sign on the table was a DIY from last year. Merry Christmas in Italian. I should probably make one in German too, since Adam's family is German...maybe next year.

We had a ski lodge theme house hop/progressive dinner last year, and we brought out these vintage ski poles again. Our house feels sort of like a lodge with the fireplace going in the winter. So it still fits.

All the stockings are stuffed already...except BabyN's stocking. I know rude of me...his gift hasn't arrived yet. I picked up the fox stocking at Target this year. I loved the little fox on the front and the sweater material matched our stockings just enough.
I think Scouty needs a new stocking as the velveteen doesn't really go with our sweater themed stockings.

We usually burn a wood fire a few evenings a week.  I found the fireplace candelabra at a thrift store for a few bucks. It's nice to burn unscented candles in there when it's too warm for a fire...or Adam doesn't feel like starting one!

A view of our catwalk upstairs. The cross country skis are my dad's. We also used these last year with the ski lodge theme party. We loved them so much up here, we put them back up.

I added a few vases with the gold spray painted pine cones from Christmas 2013. My mom gave me this cool old thermos last year. It doesn't work anymore, but it looks cute paired with my zinc N.

Above our china cabinet I threw more of the cheapo trees from the estate sale, a few log slices together,  and two blue ball jars filled with a snowy scene.

This took me all of 5 minutes to throw all of this together. It gives the china cabinet a little more height, and adds greenery to this side of the room too.

I made the BELIEVE pennant banner last year, with my friend Lora. Who also gifted me this St. Nicholas clothes line last week as an early Christmas gift.

Next to our china cabinet is a little stick tree. I added all of our special and sentimental ornaments to this one so they don't get lost on the big tree. We've been sticking our Christmas cards on the tree too for display.

Thanks for touring our decked out home. Hope you have a Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year! We'll be back so so soon with nursery updates and a few DIYs we haven't told you about. Great things coming in 2015!

P.S. Our Christmas Home tour 2013 can be found here!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby N's Baby Showers

My kid is already spoiled and he's not even here yet...

We are lucky enough to have wonderful family on both sides, and both sides of our family wanted to put together showers to celebrate. So that means Baby N had TWO showers! Spoiled. Already.

Today I'm sharing photos from both beautiful showers!

November 15th Shower:
The first shower was held by Adam's sweet sisters and his mom for us in Adam's hometown-just right around the corner from our home.

The invites had a cute little boy baby carriage on it, so they had the cake made to match---and even found decorations with little boy baby carriages on it too!

My sister-in-law April made us a diaper cake. In that basket are the party favors: different shades of blue nail polish for the guests to take home. Fits my personality perfect, Adam will tell nails are always wet.

We played the "price is right" game with everything I will need as a new mom. Please note the booze. Ha!

Every place setting had little tissue paper blue baby booties filled with snacks.

They strung up cute little onesies at the buffet line. To eat we chose from a variety of homemade soups and sandwiches. Perfect--since it was a chilly cold November afternoon.

We got SO many nice gifts--it felt like the presents were never ending! Here I am apparently excited about the Twilight Turtle!

Adam showed up in the end to help with clean up and loading the gifts.

Thanks to these 3 lovely ladies for putting the shower together!
Adam's two sisters, and my Mother-In-Law threw us a great shower!
Me and the two Grandmas-to-be!

My Momma and me.

My Grandmother made the 3 hour trip down to be at our first shower. We were so happy she could make it.

All the aunties with me (minus Auntie Joy!) 

December 6th Shower:
My sister and mom, with the help of my Aunts threw us a shower in north-central Illinois near my hometown on December 6th. We had a brunch to celebrate baby boy N.

We had the shower at Chapel Hill golf course located in Princeton, Il. I have to show you a photo because the building is just beautiful.

We used a few old doors hinged together as a backdrop. I made the fabric banners (which will reappear in the nursery!) from scrap fabric and twine.

Close up of the ombre blue cake! Cake was made by Kelsey's Kakes, Peru Il.

My mom and sister painted mason jars blue and made the ombre puffs.

Each table setting had little delicious treats to tide the guests over before brunch began.
Credit for the SERIOUSLY CUTE baby themed mints goes to my Aunt Wendy.

My mom and sister made the tiny blue ornaments as party favors for the guests to bring home and put on their trees.

This was my rocking chair as a kid, and my baby blanket! My dad dug the chair out of the attic so we could use it at the shower. It's old, dusty, and worn out, but it was a nice sentimental decoration to have there.

Me and BabyN bump shot. I'm 29 weeks (in this photo, 31wks now!) and you finally get a bump shot on the internet.

Adam and I are so very thankful to everyone that helped plan, set-up, take-down, clean up, cook, bake, shop, wrap gifts, hammer nails, craft, or helped in any way to create these two fantastic showers for our baby boy. We're lucky to have every one of you. 
It was so nice to celebrate with our families and friends at two showers. We could not believe how generous everyone was with all of the gifts. We've had fun going through the goodies again and I can't wait to put the nursery together.

We will be sharing where we are with the nursery after the holidays---mostly because it's only 10% done right now! Next, we will be sharing our Christmas home tour!
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